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"Kathy never misses a beat when it comes to people and situations. She is able to walk into a situation knowing little or nothing about it and begin asking the right questions to begin making solid assessments. It is this ability that makes her a great coach and mentor.

Not only did those who worked for Kathy look to her for guidance, but her peers and those above her also turned to her for advice.

I never saw Kathy tell someone to handle a situation a certain way. She would always ask key questions to allow them to more clearly assess the situation for themselves and arrive at the answer. She would also take the time to explain her thought process for decisions she made to allow others on the team to build their knowledge. It was this type of coaching that helped me grow and become successful."
- Jason Lindenberg, Manager, BearingPoint  

It’s your biggest nightmare. A major project is running behind schedule, your national and global teams are straining under cultural diversity issues, existing processes and systems are not meeting the demand, a key player is threatening to walk, moreover, your teenager’s school levels have dramatically fallen and your partner’s employer has just declared bankruptcy.

Demanding, Frustrating, Futile... Life’s Like That
… or is it?

Hi, I’m Kathy Nicholson and I’m here to tell you, life doesn’t have to be like that! As a recovered burn-out victim and as your career and business coach, I’ll show you how to manage corporate issues, revitalize your workforce, hone cultural diversity for maximum results, and harmonize your family, personal and career lives, and much, much more. As an intuitive, business wise professional able to absorb information, read situations and map goals quickly you’ll achieve success faster and easier than you thought possible. To partner with me means you’ll be collaborating with a person whose values are integrity, growth, happiness, and respect. Having gained success for all my clients - your success is guaranteed. Let me tell you a little about the people and companies I have helped and how.

They evolved with change and you can too!

Companies like HJ Heinz, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s Corporation, Sears, BellSouth, Freightliner Corporation, General Electric, and other well known corporations have raised their bottom-lines and enhanced their systems, processes and teams through my direct input in driving their projects. As a Senior Manager with BearingPoint’s Consumer and Industrial Market’s Retail/Wholesale practice, I strengthened corporations’ operations, executives and other professionals through my expertise in software development and project management, data warehousing, client relationship management, business requirements’ definition and data analysis.

Better Quality Assurance. Better Technology.
Better Communications

Greater Results

Prior to BearingPoint, I put my BS in Computer Science and Management into good use as the Lead Quality Assurance Engineer at SEI Investments where I managed a quality assurance group, designed testing policies and test environments as well as establishing a testing team for the company’s offshore development partner in New Delhi, India. During my earlier career, as a Senior System Analyst, I played a key role in advancing technology and processes for my employers, the University of Pennsylvania and Sun Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bridging Global Divisions

I’ve worked with people from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Peru, the UK and in Canada, France, India and the United States. For many corporations, dealing with cultural issues can be complex, luckily for you that’s my specialty. As an experienced communicator, problem solver and assertive, resourceful professional, I’ll show you how to turn cultural difficulties into viable global connections.

Invigorating, Fulfilling, Purposeful:
The Real Life

Is your career and personal life invigorating, fulfilling and purposeful – well, it should be. As a high-powered decision maker, you’ll learn how to simplify your accountabilities while achieving the success expected of you. All you have to do is give me a call or send an email – then leave the rest to me. Simple isn’t it. Take advantage of my 15 years experience working, collaborating and coaching corporate executives, managers and professionals. I know your business. I can design a coaching strategy and work with you to meet all your objectives. Put an end to demands, frustration and futile ventures once and for all – Call me now! You won’t be disappointed.

Life doesn’t just happen – it evolves with Kathy Nicholson, your personal, career and business coach