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Here are some things we think would be of interest to you and cost you nothing but your time!  Please check this page out frequently to for ongoing additions… including book recommendations, affiliates, seminars, etc.

The items marked "(word doc)" are downloadable documents in Word format.

  1. How to Reduce Employee Turnover (word doc)

  2. How Individuals and Teams Get Aligned Fast with a Process of Questioning (word doc)

  3. Creating a Vision and Mission (word doc)

Work Life Balance
  1. Effectively Integrate Life & Work for Employees to Increase Productivity(word doc)

  2. Success of Work-Life Initiatives Depends on Corporate Culture (word doc)

  3. How Balanced is Your Life? (word doc)

  4. Balancing Acts

  5. Working on Borrowed Time

  6. Reaching the Ever-Elusive Work-Life Balance

  7. Harried Execs Strive for Focus

  8. Hobbies Help Execs Maintain a Balanced Life

  1. Avoid Burning Out by Managing Stress

  2. Verge of Burnout at Work

  3. Work, Work, Work - Give me a Break

International Teams
  1. Diversity Creates Demand for Transcultural Managers

  2. Overcoming the Problems of Cultural Difference to Establish Success for International Management Teams

  3. Broadening Your Horizons

  1. Managing Diversity Yields Competitive Advantages

  2. Diversity in the Workplace Should be a Priority for All

  3. Equal Opportunity in the Workplace is Global Issue

  4. Diverse Job Seekers Use Five Criteria to Evaluate Employers

  5. Managing Multicultural Teamwork

  1. The Myths About Coaching

  2. The Top 14 Myths About Coaching

  3. Ten Tips to Lessen Anxiety