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“Success is never a destination – it’s a journey.”
~ Satenig St. Marie


“If there is a way to do it better... find it.”
~ Thomas Edison

"The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another.”
~ Alexander Graham Bell



Ready to evolve with change?

It doesn’t matter what brings a person,
only what they leave with!

A Coach Is… "Part Consultant, part motivator ... works with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks helping them to define and achieve their goals -- career, personal, or most often both."
Newsweek, February 5, 1996.

Coaching the Waves works with managers & executives to revitalize their workforce, integrate & maximize their cultural diversity, and realize their own work-life balance.

Coaching the Waves is your success partner in:

  • Helping you and your teams evolve with and embrace change

  • Providing objective input and perspective

  • Dramatically expanding your personal & business perspectives and visions

  • Supporting and realizing your objectives

Helpful links to answer a few common questions:

REASONS people become a Coaching the Waves client.

Each client brings his or her own reasons and agenda to our coaching relationship. Here’s a few examples:

  • "I can't balance my work life and my personal life"

  • "I can't find time for myself"

  • “I want to minimize my company/team’s voluntary turnover rate”

  • “I want to help my employees be more happy and productive”

  • “My team has a lot of different perspectives and talents, I want to leverage that”

  • “I want a high performing project team”

  • “I want my team to attain peak team performance”

  • "I have so many ideas but I never take action on them"

  • "I procrastinate - I just can't get motivated"

  • "I am going through a transition in my life"

  • "I need to make a life changing decision"

  • "I am so disorganized"

  • "My boss is driving me crazy"

  • "I have so many projects due at once, I am missing important deadlines"

  • "I have lots of talent but I'm not using it"

RESULTS of Coaching YOUR Waves

The results of coaching are as individual as our clients themselves and their varied reasons for seeking out a coach and mentor. The coaching journey leads our clients in expected and unexpected directions – i.e. they break through existing barriers and meet existing goals, set new goals, embrace (and sometimes even) seek out change, and take their skills to the next level.

Here's a list of some of the potential benefits of coaching your waves:

  • Set and reach bigger, more rewarding personal and professional goals

  • Take your professional skills to the next level

  • Find your ideal balance of your work and personal life

  • Expand and raise the limits you set for yourself, your team, your business

  • Work through and prevent burnout

  • Achieve success faster and easier than you thought possible

  • Become a better manager and mentor

  • Create happier and more productive teams

  • Develop high performing teams

  • Leverage cultural differences with maximum results

  • Improve your business and team relationships

  • Manage your time effectively to get the most out of your day and still have some time for you

Taking ACTION sets the
wheels in motion,
but FOCUSED ACTION can produce accelerated, amazing results.